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Asset Management Transaction Fee Schedule

Effective Date: November, 2011

Mutual Funds¹ $10
0-5000 shares $10
5000 shares and above $10 + $0.0125/sh
  Max $50
Up to $1 premium $10 + $1.00/ctr
$1 – $2 premium $10 + $1.25/ctr
Greater than $2 premium $10 + $1.50/ctr
Fixed Income¹ $15

Fee Schedule

(Fee represents the maximum amount that may be charged)
Miscellaneous Account and Service Fees


Fee Description
Account Servicing Charge $60
Annual Registered Alternative Investment Fee (per position – maximum charge of $500) $35
Annual Non-Registered Alternative Investment Fee (per position – maximum charge of $500) $125
Alternative Investment Transfer/Re-registration (per transaction) $50
Health Savings Account Annual Fee $25
IRA  Annual Maintenance Fee $35
IRA Mutual Fund Only Annual Maintenance Fee $10
IRA Termination Fee $125
Legal Return $75
Account Transfer (outgoing) $100
Overnight Mail $15
Postage and Handling, per trade¹ $5
Copies of Documents $25 per hour


$10.00 per item

Return Check $20
Stop Payment on Check $15
Trade Settlement Extension $10
Transfer & Ship (DRS eligible) $15
Cash Management Account  
Select Access Annual Fee


ACH + Bill Pay
Debit card $5
Checkbook $5
Premier Access Annual Fee


Metal Card Annual Fee




1 Not applicable to ERISA accounts.

Creative Financial Group, a division of Synovus Securities, Inc. is a subsidiary of Synovus Financial Corp. (SFC). Products and services are not FDIC insured, are not deposits of or other obligations of any SFC bank, are not guaranteed by any SFC bank and involve investment risks, including the possible loss of principal amount invested.

Revised: 9/14/2021