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Creative Financial Group offers a range of services to meet our client needs.

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Corporate Executive Benefit Programs

Executive Benefit Programs are designed to assist employees in being more productive and more focused on business results by minimizing distractions associated with personal financial decisions. Companies provide their executives and key employees with pre-screened, independent, outside advisors to assist with the tough financial situations faced daily by employees and their families. Request more information.

Investment Planning & Management

Creative Financial Group provides comprehensive financial planning and asset management services to business executives, professionals, small business owners, retirees and others who desire help in attaining their financial goals. We emphasize a client-oriented approach to investment planning and management by integrating those services into the financial planning process. This holistic approach to financial planning and asset management is designed to force our clients to hone in on cash flow and retirement planning and, therefore, clarifies the asset allocation process in relation to risk tolerance and return expectations. Request more information.

Financial Planning

Whether you need income tax, investment or retirement planning, Creative Financial Group has the expertise you need. We also work with our clients on cash flow management, benefits evaluation and estate and gift planning. Request more information.

Income Tax Return Preparation

Our experienced team combines expertise with professional tax-processing software to offer accurate, cost-effective income tax return preparation. Our familiarity with a client’s overall investment portfolio provides for a less time-consuming preparation process. We use the opportunity of return preparation to proactively identify planning opportunities. Request more information.

Business Advisory Services

In our business advisory practice, we work with small business owners to address their specific planning needs that usually includes a comprehensive review of their financial landscape. As an example, we assist business owners in developing transition and exit strategies suited to their current and future financial situations. We also work with executives to neutralize tax liability and evaluate risk management associated with events like death, property loss or disability. Request more information.

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